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Canan ÖZSOY General Electric, Turkey President & CEO

"52 and a student"
Years after I left Turkey to work in the medical industry, I returned for a new job that spans the transportation, aviation, medical and energy industries. Energy is a strategic area for both my company and country. The industry is changing and evolving on a global level: oil prices, resource diversification, resource transmission, new and renewable sources...
I felt that I needed training to gain a better grasp of the subject, be comfortable with change and evolution, utilize an analytical approach to delve deeper when relearning the industry, and to make connections. My research led me to this new and innovative program at Sabancı University. At first I hesitated because I was not sure if my age and busy life as an executive would permit me to complete this training. Program coordinators and professors were of great help. My classmates fostered a natural and warm environment instilling me with encouragement and dedication.
Thanks to the diversity of students, expertise of professors, and lectures by subject matter experts right in the heart of the industry, I had access to 360-degree knowledge, and a rich, sustainable communication network. They were of great help. 

Hakan TİMUR Sabancı Holding HR Group President  (2015)


I believe that the Sabancı University program on Energy Technologies and Management is critical for Turkey as well as the world in general. Choice of subjects, course content, knowledgeable trainers/ academics and guest lecturers that are executives in the industry provide an enriching environment not found easily in alternative programs. The balanced and harmonious inclusion of administrative subjects in addition to technical information makes this master's program worthwhile in management as well. Another notable aspect is class dynamics and the opportunity to learn from each other. Participants at different levels of knowledge, experience and expertise –who are always hand-picked for quality nevertheless– boost the richness and benefit of the program. Well- educated, well-rounded individuals are critical to making a difference in Energy Management, and I am glad to observe that Sabancı University undertook a pioneering mission and carried it out successfully

Mustafa ÖĞÜT Sanko Holding Energy & Wind Power Plants Operations Manager  (2016)


My primary goal to enroll in the Master of Energy Technologies and Management Program was to have full command of the market processes from different perspectives such as finance, legal system, politics and technological developments rather than restricting myself to a particular dimension of my career choice in the energy market. Thanks to high-quality education, excellent professors and special appearances by executives and subject matter experts in the industry, the program was very useful and broadened my horizons.

Meanwhile, our classroom environment was composed of students from different disciplines and specialties who were just part of the whole complementing each other with a passion to teach and learn. We had the chance to network in a positive and future-oriented environment. I want to state that this academic knowledge atmosphere satisfied my needs. I would like to thank our professors, participants, program director and administrators. 


Didem ARSLAN EnerjiSA Damage & Project Approval & Facility Transfer Team Leader (2016)

Energy Technologies and Management is a graduate program that suits everyone who desires to see the big picture in the rapidly-growing energy industry in Turkey and the world. It crosses many disciplines including energy policies, the structure and management of energy systems, energy markets, generation, transmission and distribution methods, energy financing, innovation and more. My primary motivation to choose this program was the specialists sharing their expertise, experience and the latest developments in the energy industry unlike those graduate programs that only focus on theoretical lectures. In addition to the professors and visiting lecturers, the high-profile class environment consisting of attendees from different disciplines helped us learn a lot from each other. The networking opportunity provided by the program is unmatched. I recommend this program for professionals who want to follow a career in the energy industry or improve what they already have.



Mehmet ÖRGEN Erciyas Holding Strategy & Corporate Development Manager

After 30 years of professional maritime service, I picked energy industry as my second career.

We are going through a period where concerns like energy efficiency, carbon management and climate change shape the future of our children, our country grows into a strategic partner to various projects that will make us an energy corridor for natural gas, and many military-political developments in the region are based on access to energy.

When I was assigned to my current company that manufactures natural gas pipes for the TANAP project and makes investments in wind and solar energy as an executive, I thought it would be essential and beneficial for me to receive an education on these disciplines in terms of my professional career and my future plans.

When I heard about this program in Sabancı University, I attended one of the lectures last year. The CEO of GE Turkey was also a participant of the program, and she and other students advised me to join the program. 

A full-time job in a new sector, my wife who also works, my son in high school and daughter in primary, the dog, kids’ dance and basketball lessons, my social life, my friends... This ETM program for two nights a week and one day in the weekend, readings, exams and assignments... this all flashed before my eyes. It would not be easy.

One week later, the Chairman of Board of Directors of Sabancı Holding gave a speech during the IICEC Energy Forum underlining the importance of the ETM program in front of me. I made up my mind and told her in person that I decided to join the program. 

Program directors, instructors, guest executives from private sector enriched this program by presenting their knowledge and providing endless assistance. We socialized with each other in a short time and created a warm learning environment. Thanks to this program, I had a great chance to network with a lot of people from the energy industry. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It is an intense, exhausting but instructive, enjoyable and fun program. I want to thank everyone for their contributions.


Selin SADIKOĞLU Deloitte Manager (2015)

I have been working in the automotive industry since graduation, and I applied to the graduate program in the energy sector, which I have always been interested in, to find out more about who does what in this business. I was encouraged by the lack of an engineering degree prerequisite, and courses in the program booklet such as energy markets and energy financing. Looking back, I believe it was a privilege to be a part of this program. Valuable academics give theoretical courses while the leading names in the industry join as guest lecturers, reinforcing theoretical knowledge with real-life examples. Participants are carefully selected to contribute to the learning environment with their knowledge and experience at all levels; innovation and entrepreneurship courses encourage us to make investment plans as a class; and we are invited to meetings and networking platforms organized by IICEC and the International Energy Agency. Being classmates with GE Turkey's CEO this year was a factor that raised the bar and boosted personal motivation. As someone who had no experience in the manufacturing aspect of the business, field visits to power plants was one of the greatest advantages of the program to me. I believe everything I learned here will benefit me in my future career, and I'd like to thank everyone involved in making this program, and my classmates, for their efforts.



Erhan AYDIN SGS, Turkey & Iraq Business Manager

ETM is a gathering of the most experienced and competent names in the energy industry if you want to specialize in this business. By taking part, you will learn that energy isn't limited to production and transmission; you will understand how energy policies in different geographical regions have implications for the whole world. ETM is different from conventional master's programs because its curriculum is always up to date, innovative and designed with the requests of its participants in mind. I'd sincerely recommend this program to anyone wishing to pursue a career in energy.


Mert Anıl ERKAL APLUS Energy Investment Consultancy

When I applied to the program, I had been working for a year and was employed outside the energy sector, but I had a growing interest in energy. The program exceeded my expectations, which meant that my plans for my own development began to advance rapidly, and I started working in the energy sector shortly after joining the program. Subjects in the program are current and directly applicable to professional practice; they equip the student with knowledge of the technical and managerial aspects of the energy business, helping you gain global, local and systemic insight into energy. What makes this program superior to others is how it brings professionals and students together on a number of platforms. We had CEOs and department directors of large energy companies –people shaping the energy sector in Turkey– visiting us almost every week, speaking about the energy market and its potential, issues, how these are resolved or being worked on, and what prospects the sector has for the future, all in a casual lecture style. If you are into surprises, sharing a dinner table with Güler Sabancı and US Secretary of Energy Ernst Moniz is about as great a surprise as any graduate program may offer you. Lecturers and administrators in the program are in close and candid communication with the students to further improve what they offer - I must admit I'm a little jealous of students in later years as they will be enjoying an even better program. I'd like to thank everyone involved in bringing the Energy Technologies and Management program to life.



Zeynep KIRÇUVAL Shell & Turcas Turkey Trade & Supply Finance Advisor

This is an unparalleled program for talented individuals seeking to understand a changing world and international politics through the perspective of energy, environment and climate, and comprehend the decision-making and strategy development projects of companies to become a part of current or future energy investments.
It is a rare opportunity to attend lectures by subject matter experts in energy. I took part in a vast variety of panels, seminars, field visits and meetings with industry professionals, which I believe have carried me forward in leaps and bounds. The program will enable persons working in the energy sector to see the big picture, and understand how deep the energy industry is and how quickly it changes and develops. I also think this is the best place for individuals who are currently not in the energy sector but intend a change of careers. 


Esin Ceren AHISKA Volkswagen Digital Lab Product Manager (2015)


Working in the electricity retail business, I already had an understanding of the energy industry, but this program introduced me to the actors in the backstage, opening a new world before my eyes. As someone working in the electricity sale business and marketing energy as a service, the program enabled me to view energy from a wider perspective and learn more about its aspects. Field visits and guest lecturers helped us to consider the energy sector from different regards, and projects enabled us to put out learnings into practice. The greatest contribution of the program was the opportunity to meet people from a vast variety of backgrounds, experiences and areas of interest. The program may have lasted one year, but its effects will be profound throughout my life.



Abdullah OCAK Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A.Ş. - Investment Director (2015)


This program is ideal for professionals who are new to the energy industry or are working in one aspect of it and want to see the entire sector. Instead of a regular lecture, courses are more in the way of knowledge sharing by and between professors, specialists from the public and private players in the industry, and most importantly, participants. The class environment is so pleasant and productive that even guest speakers leave having acquired new knowledge about the industry. Keeping up with the reading list and looking into subjects discussed maximize the benefits of the program. Field visits are expertly planned to cover the entire range of subjects. What mattered to me the most was being part of a close circle of friends all working in the energy industry.


Mehmet İrfan EVİRGEN  SGS Project Manager

Say "energy" and most of us will think of electricity. But that is the tip of the iceberg. The Energy Technologies and Management graduate program at Sabancı University lets you in on the world of energy and gives you a complete understanding of the types of energy and energy generation. Discussion on the international aspect of the issue shows you how decisive energy is on current issues and interactions across the globe. I'd like to thank Sabancı University for creating this program.

Ersin ŞEKERCİ PAKMEM Commercial Manager (2014)

This program is the place to be for anyone in the energy industry who wishes to specialize in a given field while gaining a holistic perspective of the industry. Participants will find the opportunity to develop new points of view and make a difference in what they do. Taken as a whole, the courses in the program enable participants to see the energy industry complete with its techniques and technologies, economics, social and environmental impact, and most importantly, political implications and international strategies. Graduates of this program will have the command of their careers in their hands.


 Müge ÖZERTEN, ABB NAM Technology Center Manager, Transformers (2014)


Here is what this program gave me:
• Thanks to guest lecturers and my classmates, I had the opportunity to establish rapport and build a network with professionals in the energy sector. 
• I benefited from wider horizons not just on energy policies and markets, but innovation as well. 
• Renewable energy projects helped me better understand the specifications for renewable energy transformer stations. 
• The field visit was very informative.



Müren GÜLER, Global Energy Managing Director (2014)

The program is much different from conventional master's programs with its structure and content. This is where you feel practical and current information is just as important as theoretical knowledge. The program brings together people interested in various aspects of energy, discusses current issues led by lecturers who have business experience or visiting professionals, and works as a collaboration platform that enables participants to keep abreast of developments in the sector. I believe this program will expand the horizon and knowledge base of individuals who are interested in or are moving through the sector.



Volkan AKTÜRK Doğuş Enerji Energy Projects Specialist (2014)

As an engineer employed in the energy industry since graduation, I felt the need for an academic program on the funding and management of energy projects. Looking through the program booklet, I realized that all my interests were included in the curriculum, so I applied straight away. At first, I thought that the greatest benefit of the program were the electives which allowed us to focus on our closest interests. But as the program progressed, it dawned on me that mandatory courses like “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” have just as much to offer since they inspire and motivate us, create awareness, expand our vision and teach us to think outside the box. The contributions of guest lecturers who were experts in their respective fields, and my classmates who held positions all across the energy industry proved to be invaluable. I am grateful to everyone who played a part in designing this program and delivering its lectures.