Who is it for?

The ETM for Professionals program targets professionals who

  • Plant to pursue an energy-related career.
  • Have at least 2 years of work experience in energy or in other industries.
  • Are interested in learning about the various dimensions of the energy industry.
  • Will contribute positively to the social environment of the class.
  • Can attend the lectures at our Altunizade location. (Altunizade Digital Campus)
  • Can meet the English language requirements of the program.
  • Have completed their undergraduate studies (There is no restriction on the field of the participant’s undergraduate study. Participants with, for instance, engineering, basic sciences, economics, management or social sciences are welcome to apply.)

ETM for Professionals is not an academically-oriented program. If you plan to pursue an academic career in energy, including obtaining a Ph.D. degree, you may want to check the “ETM with Thesis M.S. program” of Sabanci University.