Program Structure


ETM is a non-thesis program that leads to a Master of Science (MS) degree from Sabancı University. Lectures are given by instructors that include faculty members from Sabanci University, from other universities and experts from the energy industry. Language of instruction is English. Participants are required to have sufficient English language skills to read literature, and to engage in discussions in class. 

Program duration is one year, from October to September og the following year. Courses are taken in 14-weeks long Fall and 21-weeks long Spring semesters. In any given week, 12 hours of lectures are conducted: Three hours in two weekday evenings (19:00-21:45), and six hours on Saturdays (09:00-15:45). 

The program consists of 15 courses (totaling 30 credits) and a graduation project. The length of each course is either 21 hours (7 class meetings) or 42 hours (14 class meetings). Participants are required to attend at least 70% of the lectures in each course. There is no “distant learning” option. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and by the relevant YÖK decisions, the education can be conduct partially or completely online. 

Participants choose their graduation project topic based on their particular interests and capabilities, under the supervision of a program instructor. Graduation projects are completed in the Summer semester; yet, participants are advised to start their project work within the Spring semester.  

Course content and the delivery of lectures are designed to cater to a professional audience. Instruction starts with fundamental topics and advances progressively to ensure that participants from different educational and professional backgrounds acquire the targeted knowledge and skills. In addition to regular lectures, the program also includes a high number of talks by guest speakers from the industry.